Screenplays written by J.W. Newberry



SUTTON'S (drama pilot, 1 hr)

The heiress of a mail-order department store in 1938 Chicago, struggles to please those above her and those below her during a rising labor movement.

LINCOLN LAKE (drama pilot, 1 hr)

A teen girl acclimates to her new home in an elite midwestern neighborhood outside of a rural mining town, amidst a series of mysterious break-ins and deaths.

SCHNOZBERRY LIBRARY (comedy pilot, 30 min)

The unlikely staff of a new research library in 1893 Chicago forges a presence ripe with high jinks against the backdrop of the World's Fair.

MEET ME HALFWAY (comedy pilot, 30 min)

Straight-edged Jimmy welcomes three previously incarcerated folks to live in the Victorian mansion he inherited from his private prison-owning uncle in a quaint well-to-do American town.

THE VILLA DIODATI (adventure feature)

When an American community-college student interviews for an internship with a prestigious literary society in a Swiss village, she learns of mysterious horrors that have manipulated them ever since the pivotal year that Mary Shelley visited.  co-writer

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